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We have popped some FAQ’s down below. If you still have questions fill in this form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


When will the app be ready?

We are looking to get a first version of the App ready by Easter 2020 so our Beta testers can try it out on journeys taken at that time.

Where do the facts come from?

First and foremost they will come from the attractions and towns themselves. We will also be asking members of the public to contribute their own facts to the app. If you are an attraction or individual who would like to add some facts send them in or get in touch.

Where will it work?

At launch it will work in England. We will then expand rapidly into the rest of the UK. But the world is our oyster!

Will it be on apple and android?

Absolutely, we want everyone to be able to use it.

How does it work?

Download the app and start your journey. It works in the background so you can listen to some tunes, and get directions along the way. When you come into the radius of a Point of Interest the app will ping you an unusual fact about it.

will it use my data?

The app requires data to download and to update the facts. We recommend doing this before you start your journey, so you can use Wifi if you would like to. When you are on your journey, the app uses the information it downloaded before you started.

Support Detourz App

We are currently runnng a crowdfunder, to raise funds to develop the app. As part of #BackHerBusiness programe NatWest will be match funding half of our target amount. If you can support us, every penny really does count!