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Detourz App makes journeys fun! A new app that pings you unusual facts about the places you pass on a journey, with suggested Detourz.

There are only so many games of eye spy one can play. Detourz App will give you something fun to talk about, educate and help break up long journeys.

How it works


We collate facts about museums, towns, tourist attractions and other points of interest and input in to the the App.


You download the app, using wifi to get all the latest facts. The app then runs using your gps and no internet connection is required during the journey.


When you pass through the radius of a Point Of Interest, the app will ping you an unusual fact about it.


At the start of a fact you can visit, it will make a ping noise. They will also be shown on the map with a green pin. You can then choose to detour and visit to explore and learn more.

Fact Categories

General Knowledge


Food & Drink





Science & Nature

TV, Film & music

Gruesome & Gross

Get Involved! Add A Fact


If you know a great fact about a town or point of interest we would love to hear about it!

Please fill out our add fact form with the fact you would like to add.

Associations/ Businesses

We would love to hear from you and get facts about the Points of Interests you are interested in.

We have created a simple excel sheet to fill in. Please contact us, and we will send it over to you.